BIOGRAPHY TRIGAS KON/NOS                                         


Graduated from Kato Achaia Elementary- and High School in Patras. I graduated from the medical School of the University of Hamburg and received a
Scholarship from Hamburgs University library. I gained the specialty of internal medicine in Patras and Hamburg. From
1972 to 1975 I purchued my PhD at the University of Cologne and at the same time
I specialized in Internal Medicine - Nephrology. From 1975 to 1976 I have been conducting Home-Hemodialysis in Patras,

and in tandem I have been training the personnel for the clinic
" Evangelismos Patron" the first HD dialysis center in the province outside Athens
and Thessaloniki, which has been running up to 2002. At the end of 2002 the HD center
was transferred to the new facilities under the name
"Blue Cross Patron" which has 25 dialysis machines
and the capacity to serve 140-150 patients. While in Germany I have published 4
articles in medical journals. In Patras and other major cities
I have presented several - lectures on dialysis and Hemodialysis
and published in the journal issued by the medical association in Western Greece.
I am a member of the Medical Association of Patras, State EDTA, member of the German Society of Nephrology, State Society of Physicians and Germany State Medical Society in
Western Greece.


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