bt01The Blue Cross is renovated and fully modernized. It has the most modern medical equipment and high aesthetics, providing service, comfort and functionality.

bt02Medical Resources of Blue Cross is experienced, capable andhigh sense of responsibility, as dictated by the doctor's officeand respectof the Hippocratic oath.That's why the doctor-patient relationship is warm,human and distinguishes  sensitivity and understanding.


 Each hemodialysis treatment normally takes 3-5 hours, and usually three weekly treatments are required. Only a small amount of blood removed from the body each time. Thus, the blood must be circulated through the machine several times until cleaned.

The BLUE CROSS PATRON  is a Hemodialysis Unit operating since November 2002 as a continuation of a prior dialysis unit, the first private HD clinic established in the region beside Athens and Thessaloniki in 1975.  Medical care is provided by qualified medical and nursing staff with a lot of experties . Medical staff is supervising the patients throughout the dialysis session and is available to the patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Among the medical staff there are four experienced nephrologists included with a strong scientific interest that gained experience in international recognized dialysis centers. Also, our HD unit provides a specialized cardiologist who participates in the daily patient care.The unit is connected to the University Hospital of Patras when dealing with emergencies and is able to offer services to kidney patients not only from Greece but also from abroad who wish to spend their holidays in our region. To better serve of the foreigners, the medical and nursing staff speaks German, English and Italian. Additionally, there is the ability to serve in Russian.The infrastructures of the chronic hemodialysis unit with the most modern standards serve each claim.- The equipment is of modern technology and guarantees absolute safety of the patients. We provide:Both classical hemodialysis and hemodiafiltration (conducted with bags and on line hemodiafiltration). - A variety of dialysis filters, High and Low Flux-in order to meet all the needs of patients, sterilized by gamma irradiation or steam.Modern   water treatment system with reverse osmosis, predictive adequacy and electricity generator in case of  water or power failure.-Monthly monitoring of all necessary laboratory parameters.- Comfortable dialysis chairs and electric HD beds, Individual oxygen supply. Television with individualised headphones per patient. Private parking spots, comfortable seating and pleasant interface with air conditioning and internet.Light meals during the HD session.Ambulance for emergency transportation.Covers all Greek and international insurances.There is the possibility of clinical and laboratory diagnosis of patients with renal disease that are not dialysed.