Kidney transplantation is another substitution treatment of renal function in patients with end stage renal failure. Now widely considered the best way of substitution treatment of kidney failure, but can not be applied to all. Should patients with kidney disease to talk to their doctor to learn if it is the appropriate treatment for them.

Kidney transplantation is a procedure in which a healthy kidney was transplanted to a patient's body with nephropathy. The new kidney is able to perform satisfactorily in the position of both healthy. The kidney has donated may come from a living donor or a man who ended up suddenly (deceased or non-living donor). The operation of the transplantation takes two to four hours. After surgery, patients must take medication on a daily basis in order not to eliminate the kidney and frequently undergo blood tests to determine potential points of discharge.


Dr. Trigas Constantina, Doctor Nephrologist, Blue Cross Patron-Private Clinic (2610-450797)

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